Cowboy Coffee

One of the easiest methods...

The "cowboy method" is great for camping, backpacking, or any other austere environment. It is simple and only requires your favorite coffee, a container to boil water, and water. 

1. Bring water to a boil in your container over a heat source.

2. Once at a boil, remove from heat source and allow to cool for 30-60 seconds. (This will lower the temperature to an optimal range.)

3. Add your favorite coffee to the water and stir. (Approx. 2 tablespoons per cup of water). 

4. Let the mixture sit for around 2 minutes. This will allow the coffee to brew. Stir again and let sit for another 2 minutes. 

5. Carefully pour the prepared brew into a cup. The grounds should sink to the bottom of the container. If some grounds enter the cup, let the cup sit for 20-30 seconds to allow the grounds to settle. 

We suggest the Philosophical Grounds Rousseau roast for this method. It conveniently comes pre-ground and full of flavors to help you find enlightenment.