The perfect dessert.

Affogato (Italian for "drowned") is a gratifying drink sure to impress. We like to imagine Machiavelli consuming one after a long day of writing. 



-x2 small scoops of ice cream (we prefer vanilla as the perfect compliment to coffee)

-x1 shot of Espresso


1 - Prepare a serving of espresso. 

2 - Scoop ice cream into a small cup or bowl (an espresso or cappuccino cup works great).

3 - Slowly pour the espresso shot over the ice cream.

4 - Use a spoon for the ice cream and sip the glorified liquid.

The state of nature according to Hobbes would be different if had discover this beverage while drafting Leviathan. Thankfully he wasn't from Italy and his concepts survived intact. Our roast named after him is the perfect selection for making espresso. Fit for a sovereign! 

Alternative method: prepare coffee anyway you like it, and simply pour it over your favorite ice cream!

Any glass will work. 

Butter pecan ice cream was our flavor of choice when paired with Machiavelli

Use whatever brewing technique your prefer and add the hot coffee to your favorite ice cream. Enjoy in quiet solitude or make for a gathering to build philosophical community. Either way, you will love it.