Irish Coffee

Great for entertaining guests!

Ingredients (per serving)

6 ounces (approx) of prepared dark roast coffee
1/4 cup heavy cream (or whipping cream)
2 tablespoons of Irish whiskey (the kind in the green bottle)
2 tablespoons of dark brown sugar


1 - Begin by boiling water (it can be used to prepare the coffee, but you will also need enough to flash your glass).

2 - Next prepare a dark roast coffee*. The darker, the better.

3 - Whip 1/4 cup of heavy whipping cream (or heavy cream). This can be done by hand with a whisk, in a blender, or any other method). Do not allow the cream to become solid whipped cream. It must be able to pour. Try to get it thickened.

4 - Once the water has boiled, fill your serving glass and allow it to heat up. After a minute, empty the water.

5 - Place 2 tablespoons of dark brown sugar in the glass.

6 - Place 2 tablespoons of Irish whiskey (the kind in the green bottle) in the glass with the brown sugar.

7 - Add 6 ounces of your prepared dark roast coffee to the glass.

8 - Stir the coffee until the sugar is dissolved.

9 - Using the same spoon (which was heated by the hot coffee), pour the thickened cream over the spoon against the edge of the inside of the glass. The cream will form a layer on top of the coffee. (If your cream is to thin it will dissolve in the coffee, too thick and it will be a blob on top. After a few preparations you will have it down.)

10 - Garnish the cream with a whole coffee bean or two and enjoy!

*We recommend the Philosophical Grounds Hobbes or Rousseau roast.