Featured Inspiration - Kahlee Sheehan

We hope you will find this space a place to enjoy a moment of introspection while enjoying a cup of Philosophical Grounds coffee. We will feature various works from artists and philosophers among us.

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“Then what about the person who, believes in beauty itself and can see both it and the particular things which share in it, and does not confuse particular things and that in which they share? Do you think they are awake or dreaming? They are very much awake.” (Plato, The Republic)

Photos by Kahlee Sheehan
Kahlee is a native New Yorker with two wild and lovable boys and an emotional husky. She is married to her High School sweetheart and home is where ever the Army sends them! She grew up with a darkroom in her basement and her father's passion for photography inspired her take film photography throughout high school. In Germany her husband gifted her a DSLR camera and she hasn't stopped capturing moments since. (However, she has upgraded her gear :) )
You can find more of her work @kdmsphotography and https://www.facebook.com/kahleedmsphotography or contact her at kahleedmsphotography@gmail.com


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