Our Story

Philosophical Grounds was founded by defenders of the Republic seeking fulfillment. We believe that effort should start with a cup of inspiration. Moral and political philosophers can help spark big ideas, but so can perfectly roasted blends of gourmet coffee. We can’t guarantee you will become more philosophical with our product, but it can’t hurt to try. Our products are hand-selected for quality. We have personally sampled and refined our roasts for optimal flavor. Its time to build introspection into your daily coffee ritual. 

All our products are specialty grade.
Small batch roasted in a Diedrich roaster.
Flavor profiles are computer algorithm-controlled to ensure consistency.


“Philosophy is – or should be – the apex of the pyramid of human thought, since its function is to find the ultimate answers to the riddle of existence. The problem it seeks to resolve is that of the true nature of the universe and of man’s relationship to it, and, in the light of these, the best way to live in order to find the ‘good life.’” -The Colonial Origins of American Thought

What then is Philosophical Grounds? It is the apex of reasoning and sensory experience. Its function is to create an authentic community. The nation isn’t as divided as it appears to be. Coffee can help bridge gaps, create an excuse for fellowship, and provide a moment of solitary reflection. Hopefully, it can help you find the “good life” or at a minimum, an opportunity to think about the best way to live. Have you thought about your riddle of existence? Can philosophical grounds help find the answer? We are certainly willing to try!