French 'Grounds' Set

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French philosophers inspired the masses to fight against injustice. Let them help you fight against the injustice of non-inspirational coffee. 

This set comes with one 12oz bag of Rousseau (dark roast) and one 12oz bag of Montesquieu (medium roast). Both roasts come pre-ground. A perfect set to keep your day efficient and revolutionary. 

Let the French revolutionize your morning coffee routine.  

Montesquieu - Known for drafting the "optimal form of government," this Breakfast Blend has optimized its flavor profile. This carefully-crafted coffee is gently roasted to emphasize the coffee's true brightness and underscore its subtle sweetness. The resulting cup of coffee is less acidic and tart than other coffee blends. This unique brew is just a shade lighter than most medium roasts, an easy-to-drink coffee with an easy-to-love flavor profile.

Rousseau - This French roast named in honor of the author of The Discourse on the Origin of Inequality, has no equal. A longer, hotter roast results in the signature taste & rich coffee character unique to French roast. Compared to lighter roasts, it is far less acidic and very roasted in flavor. The select beans used are packed with flavor, allowing them to retain their taste and qualities through the roasting process. Our French Roast does not have the charred taste often associated with darker roasts. If you enjoy a deep, intense coffee experience then French Roast is for you.

We all need awareness about justice, liberty, and equality. Share this set as a gift to provide this knowledge to others in your life. 


All our roasts are specialty grade and roasted in small batches to ensure quality. 

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