Philosopher's Bundle

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Perfect for those among us who don't have a favorite philosopher or for those who like to discover Truth from a variety of sources.

If one philosopher is good, imagine the power of three? We have selected the three most consequential for the establishment of the Republic. Let them help establish your morning.

Everyone likes options. This bundle includes a light, medium, and dark roast in the collection. You decide who offers the most introspection in your life.

Locke, Montesquieu, and Hobbes gifted the world a framework to escape the state of nature and form a more perfect union. Consider this bundle the perfect gift for those in your life who have it all or need a little more inspiration. 

Bundle includes: x1 Locke (light roast, whole bean), x1 Montesquieu (medium roast, whole bean), x1 Hobbes (dark roast, whole bean). 

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