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Just like his famous work, excellent in theory, but missing a few key details. (We've only extracted the caffeine, all the goodness is still there!)


  • SWISS DECAF:  Delicious coffee with no caffeine but all the flavor.
  • TASTE PROFILE: Low acidity and a perfect blend of earthy & nutty tones.
  • COFFEE ORIGIN: Imported from Brazil & Indonesia to combine the two coffees in a perfect brew.
  • ROAST LEVEL: Medium to Dark Roast


Do you want to enjoy the authentic taste of coffee without that caffeine? Swiss Decaf coffee provides just that. The Swiss water process is a means of decaffeinating coffee without eliminating any of its desirable elements, such as flavor and aroma. This particular roast is a blend of Sumatran and Brazilian coffee. It contains the thick body and rustic flavor of Sumatran coffee, as well as the soft, nutty tones of Brazilian coffee. The distinctive characteristics of each one complements the other beautifully. Choose Philosophical Grounds Decaf coffee for an unbelievably delicious caffeine free experience.

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